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The Abs After 40 program is specifically designed to help middle age men get in shape and achieve a lean muscular physique complete with six pack abs. The philosophy behind the program is that middle age men can still get in great shape using a custom tailored fitness and nutrition plan designed for their particular stage of life.
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The Abs After 40 system places it’s emphasis on low impact compound exercises that target more than one muscle group at a time. These workouts protect a middle aged mans aging bones and joints from injury while simultaneously giving the most results in the least amount of time.

The aging male body benefits from compound exercises in multiple facets:

  • Compound exercises boost overall hormone production
  • Compound exercises allow you to work more muscle’s in less time
  • Muscle strain is spread across multiple areas, which can help to prevent injury from overworking a single area.

In this program, the exercises are designed to be performed in a specific order to help stimulate testosterone production. The body’s ability to produce this important hormone diminishes as men age, so it’s crucial do everything possible to maintain testosterone levels.

The specific intensity of each exercise also contributes to testosterone production.

How Does The Abs After 40 Program Work?

The Abs After 40 program operates in three primary phases.

  • Phase 1 is called Fat Loss Jumpstart
  • This phase involves getting into the basics of the program. In this phase, men using the plan will begin the exercises and start eating a diet that is built to boost testosterone. The goal of this phase is to start losing belly fat, which is leading factor in heart disease and other health complications in older men.

  • Phase 2 is titled Male Hormone Optimization
  • In this section, men using the program should already have seen some fat loss, particularly in the middle section. In phase 2, the compound exercises become more challenging to keep the body working toward achieving six pack abs. In this phase, the body’s hormones should be coming back into balance and men who follow the program should notice having more energy.

  • Phase 3 is the Full Auto Fat Burning Mode
  • This is the part of the program that’s designed to reveal the six pack abs. Using an ab training method called the A40s, this phase builds muscle and definition in the stomach region. After this phase is complete, the man’s hormone levels should be balanced and easy to maintain with moderate exercise and a healthy diet.

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What’s Included in Abs After 40?

The Abs After 40 product consists of three main components.

  1. The first component of Mark’s system is the 3-Phase Abs After 40 System.
  2. Consider this the meat of the program. It details all of the exercises to be performed, and these exercises are broken down into the three phases mentioned in the previous section.

  3. The second is the Nutritional System.
  4. This portion explains which foods contribute to healthy testosterone production and which ones to avoid. It includes a specific meal plan that delineates what to eat each day. The recipes are designed to take less than an hour to prepare and do not require any obscure or specialty ingredients.

  5. The final component of the program is the “How to Deal with Common Injuries & Gym Problems” eBook.
  6. This is geared to address common ailments among men over 40 and how to maintain a fitness program while nursing an injury. This portion also includes a discussion of vitamins and supplements that contribute to testosterone production.

The full program costs $197, but the first 500 men may quality to get Abs After 40 for just $97 – A discount of 50%. The program comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Who is Abs After 40 Designed For?

abs after 40 phase 1This program is designed specifically for men over the age of 40. As men’s bodies begin to age when they hit their middle years, traditional exercises may not always be suitable.

The Abs After 40 workout program consists of low impact exercises that protect aging bones and joints. They are much less strenuous than many exercise programs to accommodate this older age group.

All of the exercises can be completed at home with simple free weights, so there is no need to obtain a costly gym membership.

Who Created Abs After 40?

Abs After 40 was created by a man named Mark Mcilyar. When he reached his 40s, he found that his body was not functioning as optimally as it used to.

By the age of 48, he decided to do something about it. He began experimenting with a variety of exercise programs, but could not find anything that met his specific needs as a middle aged man. So, he combined aspects of various other programs into one that worked for him at his age.

How Much Does Abs After 40 Cost?

abs after 40 workoutRetail price for Mark Mcilyar’s fitness program is normally $197, but for a limited time the Abs After 40 program is available for just $97 to the first 500 qualifying men who get in early.

Customer’s of Abs After 40 will also benefit from the protection of a 100% money back guarantee for a full 60 days.

To get more information on the Abs After 40 system and to see if you qualify for the 50% discount click on the “Get More Info” button.
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